Dead Art EP


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The DEAD ART EP is the 2nd release from MODERNHELL. On 2/27/2010 we played a festival at Rocketown in Nashville, printed 100 copies of the cd ourselves and gave everyone of them away for free (if you didn't get one then you can download it here)

All songs were recorded in 2009 with Bryan Sveum at Science Studios. We felt as a band before we release/record anymore material that we get the last recordings of those sessions out.

Enjoy and thank you.


released February 27, 2010



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Track Name: Dead Art
This is your fucking end
What once lived now is dead
You rise and you fall
A series of false expressions
Your art is soulless and lacks passion
Scream to the moon for strength
This is our day
As you fade
In the grave you shall remain
Track Name: Concentration
Nothing is certain
I hold no obligations
I’ve been losing my mind now for quite some fucken time
I have confined myself to solidarity
A weak disease
My dreams you feed
Get a grip and take what’s yours
Outlive the rest and look forward
Concentrate on a constant state of never being able to relate
I’m a wild animal locked inside a cage
Blood running hot and thick with bullshit memories
My friends are fading
My hope is ever evading
My luck is that my time is up
But this dead horse I will keep kicking
Every night I die
And every day I am born again
Resurrected I concentrate on what’s ahead
Track Name: Superstitions
We’re nothing
We’re dead inside
We watched the end of the world
There were no saints or sinners
Just our gods and villains
We are all doomed from birth
We plagued ourselves with failure
And now we can’t go back (no going back)
When the sun sets
And the shadows consume our bodies
The night will resume
The sun will rise and the world will continue on
As if we never existed in the first place
They’ll burn our bodies
With the oil that we fought for
They’ll erase our past
Like we erased ourselves
We stood for nothing
And died for less
For this who believed in more
There’s nothing in the end
When they finally find us
They’ll look into our dead eyes
And see that we lived
The lives of the hunted
Track Name: Iron Eyes
Your guile won’t escape my path
This hatred fortified by wrath
I am steel made of flesh
I am Iron Eyes and I now detest
Your ship will never sail
Casted off into a modern hell
You are the ghost and I am the grave
Your soul is mine and you’ll never be saved
I long for the infernal
I sing for the damned
Through nightmares I will curse your soul
A fucking nightmare forever more